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      In pursuance of its mission, the professional arm of ATHI, the “Indian Professional Association for Transgender Health (IPATH)” is organizing its national conference on 1st& 2nd November 2019 at New Delhi. This conference will be the first of its kind in the country providing an opportunity for the professionals from various specialities, working in the field of Transgender Health, to not only interact with each other but also communicate with members of the community, caregivers, students and scholars and address their felt needs. They shall share their professional experiences through the presentation of scientific papers, case discussions, seminars, workshops and poster presentations. They will also deliberate and discuss the existing protocols and prevalent standards of care for the delivery of Transgender Healthcare in the backdrop of the Indian culture and initiate the process for formulation of first “Indian Standards of Care in Transgender Health”. Invitations for registration have been sent to Surgeons performing Gender Affirmation Surgeries including Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeons, Urologists and Gynecologists; Mental Health professionals including Psychiatrists and Psychologists; Endocrinologists, Pediatricians, Family Medicine specialists and General practitioners; Voice therapists; social scientists and workers; members of Self Support Groups and Parent Support Groups; A gathering of approximately 200 professionals is expected.