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About the research study

Growing up Trans: A Qualitative, International, and Longitudinal investigation of Transgender youth’s access to gender affirming medical care, gender affirmation and well-being.

This project aims to produce international, longitudinal, prospective and contextualized knowledge about the experiences of TNBY (Trans and non-binary youth) who express a desire to undertake GAMC (gender-affirming medical care). Specifically, the project will follow 60 TNBY (10 from each country) over time to develop a nuanced understanding of their needs and experiences as they navigate their specific environment while seeking and receiving GAMC and how their trajectories shape their well-being.

The proposed research will take place over five years in six international sites, namely Quebec
(Canada), New England (United States), England, India, Romandy (Switzerland) and Eastern
Australia, and will use a trajectory-based longitudinal qualitative methodology (LQM).

Participants of the study must be in the age group of 8-14 years (Tanner stage 2 or 3). They
must be about to enter puberty or have just entered and are currently questioning their gender
identity, are non-binary or transgender youth and wish for gender affirmative medical care
(eventually may or may not want it). 10 such youth along with a minimum of one
parent/care-giver will form the sample of the study.

Inclusion Criteria:


1. The youth must be on the onset of puberty or just entered puberty (8-14 years)

2. They must be experiencing gender incongruence or dysphoria

3. They will have expressed desire in considering accessing medical interventions to affirm their gender or suppress puberty. They may never opt for it.

4. They will provide informed assent to participate in the study.(Caregivers will provide informed consent for participation in the study on behalf of their child and for themselves)

Exclusion criteria:

1. Youth does not experience gender dysphoria or incongruence
2. Youth is at advanced stage of puberty in 2022 (above 15 years of age).
3. Youth or caregiver does not wish to give written consent for participation.

The objective of the study is to understand how their well-being evolves as a result.

TNBY and their caregiver will be met 4 times, once a year, for an interview at the start of the
project and for individual interviews (end of years 1, 2 and 3),
allowing data collection over a
full three years. The questionnaires are designed under expert supervision and have no intention
to trigger the participants, still in case the participant feels psychological distress, they have
complete autonomy to opt out of the project and they will have access to a mental health
professional for their mental wellbeing.

Each participants will receive various rewards for their time and opening their heart out. This
will include
2000 INR amazon gift coupon/monetary transfers, access to medical doctor and
mental health practitioner throughout the duration of the study
, list of Transgender friendly
health care providers in India
, e-copy of Indian Standards of Care for Persons with Gender
and People with Differences in Sexual Development/Orientation and information
and access to support group for parents and trans youth, a chance to make your heard and bring
in the smallest of change and much more.

Local Partners and Collaborators:
1. Mermaids (London), British charity and advocacy organization that has been supporting TNBY and their families in the United Kingdom since 1995.
2. Gender Creative Kids (Canada) the only national non-profit organization in Canada working with this population,

3. Association for Transgender Health in India (ATHI) India, parent organization of IPATH
4. SAYFTEE (Massachusetts, USA) is involved with collectivization and support initiatives for TNBY and parents since 2009, US.
5. Transcend (Australia), the only non-profit organization in Australia which supports the parents and caregivers of TNBY through peer support and other services,
6. Fondation Agnodice (Switzerland) aims to foster the wellbeing of Swiss trans people through improved access to care and services, including TNBY and their families.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Government of Canada, fund the project.
Institutional Review Board and Ethics Review Committee reviewed the project. The Committee
was satisfied that the proposal meets the requirements of the United States Federal Policy for the
Protection of Human Subjects, the American Psychological Association, and the Indian Council
of Medical Research Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Subjects and has
indicated project approval to carry out the project involving human participation.

If you are interested in this study, or if you have any questions, please contact

Dr. Manvi Arora, Phone No: 9899497993 

Dr. Sanjay Sharma,

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