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First of its kind, online certification course curated by Association for Transgender Health in India in collaboration with Sweekar – The Rainbow parents and Inharmony: TransIs?.

The aim of the GFEII is to sensitize and train the staff of the educational institute i.e the school/College administration, Teachers and ancillary staff in gender friendly practices by explaining the current medical evidence and scientific viewpoint regarding Gender, Gender In-congruence, sexual orientation and diversity. Helping them understand Child development, specifically psycho-social development. Understand the current education policy and it's implementation, implications of the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act,  legal and social aspects. We will also help them put in place a local school/college policy tailored to the vision of the Institute.

Target audience: Educationists, Teachers, Parents and Social Workers/Scientists.

Course Content and Certification - “Association for Transgender Health in India”

Conduct of Course – “Inharmony: TransIs?” & “Association for Transgender Health in India”

Logistics & Media – “Inharmony: TransIs?”


Highlights of the Course

  • 3 hours (6 sessions) online interaction with experts via webinar hosted by “Inharmony: TransIs?”

  • Voices from Children with Diversity, Parents and Teachers

  • Demystifying Gender, Orientation, Incongruence, Sex and Sexuality

  • Handling Gender Incongruent Child

  • Gender Friendly Safe Spaces

  • Education Policy and Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act 2019

  • School/Educational Institute policies/SOPs

  • Legal Angles and Social Responsibility



Online registration of Institutions and individuals – “Inharmony: TransIs?” & "ATHI"

Format - Interactive

Free of charge, Introductory certificate course curated by ATHI with help of experts in the field of Education, Social scientists, Healthcare providers and Eminent Change drivers.

The course is kick started with a Webinar. A pre-course questionnaire is sent to all participants on registration.

The webinar has 6 sessions. Two questions will be asked from the audience at the end of each session. (The answers to these will be collated and counted for assessing eligibility for issue of certificate).

Study material consisting of Educational videos, presentations and open source documents and consensus statements will be provided to the participants over the next week post webinar. The participants will need to devote 2 hours per day for study. At the end of day 8, post webinar, a final assessment questionnaire (Google form with MCQ pattern) will be mailed.

All participants who will fulfill the following criteria will be issued a certificate of participation:

  • View the webinar.

  • Answer the questions asked during webinar.

  • Score > 80% Total assessment score.

  • Institutes wherein at least 80% of the ancillary staff and 100% of the Teaching staff has undergone the course, and who meet the criteria laid down by ATHI will be certified to be "Gender Friendly" by ATHI.


Session 1: "Voices"

Moderator: Air Cmde (Dr) Sanjay Sharma Retd

Speaker: Harish, Ria


Session 2: "Parents' Perspective"

Moderator: Anupama Easwaran

Speaker: Aruna Desai, Padma Iyer, Sridharan


Session 3: "Educationist's Perspective"

Moderator: Atul kumar

Speaker: Sarita Sen, Dr. Neelakshi Roy, Atuk Kumar

Session 4: "Handling a Child with Diversity"

Moderator: Pooja Priyamvada

Speaker: Dr. Bela Sharma, Pooja Priyamvada, Air Cmde (Dr) Sanjay Sharma Retd


Session 5: "Legal and Social Issues : Education Policy and Transgender Protection Act"

Moderator: Pooja Priyamvada

Speaker: Cdr. Ashok VM Kumar, Vinod Shastri, Air Cmde (Dr) Sanjay Sharma Retd

Session 6: Open forum - "Formulation of Institutional policy and guidelines"

Moderator: Air Cmde (Dr) Sanjay Sharma Retd


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in collaboration with

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This course is Free of cost! ATHI a not-for-profit organization along with it's collaborators bring this initiative to sensitize and make everyone understand what challenges are faced by the students, parents, faculty and ancillary staff etc in Education Institutes. With your support we will keep bringing such thought provoking and awareness raising initiatives. Any kind of support is appreciated, if you want to donate to support us into providing such gender friendly mass sensitization programs please   click here. 

Donations are eligible for 50% tax rebate as per Sec. 80G of Income Tax Department and companies can take it as CSR activity

For any queries related to GFEII course/certification please reach out to us at or +918860944900

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