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Welcome to the introductory course for Healthcare providers and staff of Healthcare Facilities. This course has been designed to Demystify the issues related to Gender, Gender Incongruence and arm the participants with knowledge required for addressing the needs of the persons with Gender Incongruence and People with differences in Sexual Development/Orientation.

First of its kind, online certification course by Association of Transgender Health in India and Jimmy Foundation under the aegis of Lilac Insights.

Target audience: Staff of Healthcare facilities (Medical, Nursing, Para-medical and Ancillary staff). This course should also be attended by Parents of children with diversity, Social-scientist and any professional interested in working for the welfare of the Transgender community.

Course Content and Certification by “Association of Transgender Health in India"
Conduct of Course: “Jimmy Foundation” and “Association of Transgender Health in India” 
Logistics and Media Management: “Lilac Insights”

Highlights of the Course

  • Demystifying Gender, Orientation, Incongruence and Diversity

  • Understanding hurdles and addressing felt needs of the LGBTQAI+

  • Overview of Gender Affirmative Care - Redefining OBG practice

  • Sensitization of the staff and creating Gender Friendly spaces

  • Administrative, Legal and Social issues

  • Pediatrician's Perspective, Administrator's view and Summation



Online. Registration of Institutions/Individuals is compulsory and free of cost

The course has Six Sessions.
A pre-course assessment questionnaire needs to be filled by the participants. (
Google form)

Discussion with experts from the various field of Transgender Healthcare and members of the community are available as course material as a link to the webinar conducted on 15th August 2020.

Questions asked during the webinar need to be answered by participants registering afresh for the course in the link attached. The responses will be collated and will be a part of the course assessment.

We will be sending course material in the form of presentation, audio visual content and documents requiring 2 hours of study per session. Total 10 hours of study material will be posted over the next week.

A post-course assessment questionnaire will be mailed to participants (Google form) on completion of the Six Sessions.

Certificate of participation will be issued to the individuals who complete all the Six Sessions and get a total score of more than 80% after answering the questions asked during the webinar and post course assessment.

Institutions whose entire staff has undergone the course can apply for the “Gender Friendly Healthcare Facility Initiative” certification by the “Association of Transgender Health in India”. The certificate shall be issued if QRs laid down by “Association of Transgender Health in India” are met. We request the Hospital administrators to get in touch with Team ATHI ( for the QRs.




Happy Learning! Please feel free to share the knowledge and spread the word.


For any queries related to GFHFI course/certificate please reach out to us at or +918860944900

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